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FDA switching to electronic billing for Mammography Quality Standards Act inspections

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is moving to a new electronic billing process for Mammography Quality Standards Act inspections, the agency announced recently.

Effective on April 22, the FDA started sending breast imaging providers fee invoices via email for their annual inspections. MQSA inspectors plan on collecting and confirming facility’s contact info during the next annual inspection.

“It is imperative that the correct billing contact email address is provided to the inspectors to ensure that MQSA billing invoices are received by facilities,” the FDA said in an April 29 notice.

The administration’s preferred payment method is via electronic check or an automated clearing house. Major credit cards are also accepted for amounts less than $25,000. Providers can check their facility invoice for further details, or email MQSAUserFeeSupport@fda.hhs.gov with questions.

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